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Our first Website was this in 2008. I think it was built using some form of BlackBoard and was actually hosted by our school. Now our school has deleted everything off of its servers, so you must view it at the Wayback Machine.

Our second Website was this in 2010. This was built in Adobe Flash Player using Wix, although I have no clue how.

Our third Website in 2016, which truly paved the way for the current site, was originally built and designed by using Wix.

Now, as of April 2018, this current Website has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The structure and design of the site hasn't changed much, however, the site is now 100% responsive. This means that it will look amazing on any screen size and any web browser. Most of the site uses the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 to enhance things a bit more.

I am actually hosting this Website on my own server from my own house. It is a Synology NAS. It allows you to host Websites, create WebDAV and FTP servers, and so much more. It is amazing, and pretty inexpensive, too.

It was quite an experience for me to undertake this project. I basically had to figure everything out on my own due to the nature of hosting a Website. I learned about SSL certificates, domains, subdomains, IP Addresses, port forwarding, and so much more. Probably the most challenging thing was figuring out how to configure everything correctly with the DNS (Domain Name System). If you know anything about that, it is ridiculously annoying.

I hope you enjoy this Website! Go Team 2638!

Your Webmaster,
Reid Fleishman

~ April 2018

P.S. Oh, and while you're visiting today, try to find the dozens of Easter Eggs hidden around this website…

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RapidWeaver 8

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