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Honorary Members

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Mir Khan

Mir Khan has been the official chaffeur for Rebel Robotics over the course of many years. Whenever our team hits the road, we know we'll have Mir Khan behind the wheel. He doesn't just provide us with a safe ride to our destinations as we travel to regionals or world championships across the country, but he has truly become a part of our family. Each year he cheers us on, wears our gear, and provides a positive and motivating force for our team. We are beyond lucky to have such a dedicated individual to support us.


Erin Lipinsky

Erin Lipinsky is a lifelong Great Neck resident who is familiar to many, due to his visibility around town. As a Special Olympics athlete, Erin wanted to do something more to help out the other athletes. He decided a few years ago to help “the kids” by raising money and participating in the annual Town of North Hempstead Polar Plunge. Once he started raising money and actually “Freezin’ for a Reason” by entering the frigid water, he never looked back! Each year he continually raises money and is the top fundraiser for his event. Rebel Robotics is proud to support our friend Erin in his quest to help out other Special Olympians by donating to his cause. It is also our honor to recognize him as the FIRST honorary member of Team 2638.


Paul the Koala

Since the start of the large wildfires this past year, many koalas are in need of medical attention. Rebel Robotics has donated $250 to this important cause. In addition to this initial donation, Rebel Robotics adopted a koala — Paul! Each month we will donate $15 to care for his needs. This young male koala was the first live koala to be found at the Crestwood/Lake Innes Nature Reserve fireground. Paul was found curled up on the burnt ground by a member of the public who brought him to the Koala Hospital. Paul was severely dehydrated and had suffered burns to his hands and feet which usually occurs when the koala climbs down the burning trunk of the tree. His fur is also singed over 90% of his body. It is our honor to recognize Paul the Koala as the second honorary member of Team 2638.