Rebel Robotics

"Changing the culture, one nut and bolt at a time"

Team 2638 sees its mission as much more than building robots and competing in the yearly FIRST challenges. Team members work throughout the year to maintain an active philanthropic presence in our school, community and the world at large. Read on to learn about some of our efforts.

Midnight Run
Team 2638 is actively involved in the midnight run organization. Our team members join other volunteers from churches, synagogues, schools, and other civic groups to distribute food, clothing, blankets, and personal care items to the homeless and poor on the streets of New York City. The late-night relief efforts create a forum for trust, sharing, understanding, and affection. That human exchange rather than the exchange of goods is the essence of the Midnight Run mission.

Lunch with Santa
Every year, our team supports the worthwhile efforts of the "Lunch with Santa" program at Great Neck South High School. Team members volunteer their time and donations of food and drink for sale in the school community. The proceeds of the event are to raise money for a local orphanage in Sea Cliff, New York.

First Aid / CPR AD Certification
As members of our high school, Great Neck and Team 2638, we are committed to safety and the well-being of our community. We are dedicated to first aid and CPR training for all team members and the implementation of safety measures in the shop, school and larger environment. Safety is integral to the culture of Team 2638.

St. Baldricks
Members of our team raise money to shave their heads in support to find a cure for childhood cancer.


Team 2638 is very active in the community both as MENTORS and through OUTREACH. We are always trying to expand within the local community with projects such as a green parking lot, or activities such as boarding up homes after Hurricane Sandy. 


Team 2638 helping our local pre-school with their Fall Festival


Gordon Korman's book, Ungifted, was written and dedicated to our team. The book is now written in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.