Rebel Robotics

"Changing the culture, one nut and bolt at a time"

Team 2638 has many former team members who have gone on to college and are pursuing successful careers in science, technology and various other fields. Many of our members were team members while they were enrolled at Great Neck South. In addition to offering valuable support to our team, our mentors and other alumni recognize the richness of their robotics experiences on Team 2638. Read on to hear what they have to say!

Friends, Cooperation, and Teamwork
• Taught me how to work and play as a team. - David E.
• Taught me how to be a leader, and mentor others on the team. - Jonathan 
• The benefit of participating was the engineering knowledge I gained and the feeling of community. - Jeremy
• I enjoyed being part of a team. - Adin
• I made new friends and was able to visit places (for competitions) like Baltimore and St. Louis. - Anonymous
• It helped me learn to work in a team environment… a very friendly and enriching environment. -Anthony

Learning and Technology
• Increased my knowledge of technology. - Jon
• I learned about robots. Best time ever! - David D.
• Acquisition of new skills; working towards something of value in a highly collaborative environment. Learn through doing, not just note-taking and lectures. - Ben
• (As a future mechanical engineer)… helped me understand the basic knowledge of robots. - Marko
• Learned things I normally would not have learned like how to fix household items, the names of tools and how pneumatics work. - Melvin
• It enhanced my understanding about mechanics and technology. - Alexa

Achieving Goals and Career Awareness
• I learned how to solve problems from scratch. - Kevin
• Robotics had taught me how to use technology to make life easier. - Nadia
• Robotics made my dream come true and moved me one step closer to my goal. - Cecelia
• I enjoyed being a part of the robotics family. I learned many useful skills that could come in handy in the future. (The teachers) … are inspirational and always motivate students to (achieve) their potential. - Ileana
• A wonderful experience … inspired my interest in engineering as a college major. - Cody

Quotes from Previous Members
"Being a part of the robotics team isn't a team at all, it's a family, that has taught me so many countless lessons that I still use on a daily basis. Whether it be to always work in a safe environment, or to always be open-minded and conscience to everyone's feelings, being a member of robotics has shaped me into the individual I am today. I currently am a junior at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and I originally was pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering and was offered an internship with the acclaimed company SpaceX. I had a change of heart and am currently majoring in sustainability with a concentration on sustainable energy systems. I hope to apply what I've learned through my experience on 2638 to the real world and continue to believe and have faith that anyone can accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and to always follow your passions and be true to yourself; if you do that, everything will fall into place…"

-David (2016)