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Rebel Robotics Receives $3000 from Optimum!

January 5, 2024

South High School Rebel Robotics Team #2638 is the proud recipient of a team award and team sponsorship from Optimum, totaling $3,000 in funding for the 2024 FIRST Robotics competition season!

Last May, Rebel Robotics was one of 21 teams nationwide to be honored through the 2023 Optimum Innovator Awards program. As the winner of the Inspiration Award, the team received a $2,000 grant to be applied toward the 2024 competition season. Earlier this week, Optimum informed team mentors Mr. Motchkavitz and Mr. Corrigan that Rebel Robotics is one of nearly 70 teams across the U.S. to receive a $1,000 sponsorship grant for the upcoming season.

“We are thrilled, honored and excited to be chosen for this recent sponsorship from Optimum,” says Mr. Motchkavitz. “Rebel Robotics will be attending three regional competitions this year and these funds help immensely with getting our students to these important events and exposing them to robotics and technology.”