Rebel Robotics

"Changing the culture, one nut and bolt at a time"

FIRST Long Island Regional #1 and #2!

This year, Rebel Robotics was able to compete in both Long Island regionals for the first time. This was due in part through our sponsorship with Optimum/Altice. At our first regional, our mentor, Ellen Dressner, was the proud recipient of the Woodie Flowers award. As a team, we were also given the Engineering Inspiration award for our hard efforts in promoting STEM in our community. The robot ultimately finished third, losing in the semifinals, as a member of the sixth alliance. Teammate Shaan Merchant was also named a Deans List finalist, which sets him up to compete at the World Championships.

At Long Island Regional #2, we won our first Excellence in Engineering award as a team for our hard work that went into creating our arm/wrist/claw mechanism. For the robot, we were a part of the fourth alliance and we ultimately finished fourth, once again losing in the semifinals.